Minister's Message

Derrick L. Brown

Bro Brown is the congregation's local evangelist. He is a graduate of the Jamaica School of Preaching & Biblical Studies and also the school of Practical Evangelism (Texas USA). He has worked in many missionary crusades throughout England, Australia, USA and the Caribbean. Bro. Brown has been preaching the gospel of Christ for over 35 years and his focus and expertise is in the area of Personal Evangelism. He is married to Norma Brown for over 30 years and has two sons.

I want to extend a warm and friendly St Jago welcome to you. Thanks for visiting our website. We would like to meet you in person one day and so we extend an invitation to you to come and join us in our worship service or Bible Classes one day. We hope as you browse our site, the information you seek will be easily found. We are always open to listening to you so at anytime, please give us a call or send us an email.
Have a rich and Blessed Day.

In the Master's Service

Derrick L. Brown (J.P.)